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You are getting a desync in audio and video because shadowplay records in a variable framerate. You can try to sync the audio and video by seperating them and find the spot where it actually should be but this is a time waste because you will always have a desync. Or is there any way how to sync shadowplay video with an external audio track? I have program called Handbrake with mostly solves this variable FPS thing issue, but converting all 3,8 GB videos is real pain. Also really time-consuming. So I tried to record my voice via shadowplay so I would avoid desync issue. I like to play with volume of my.

Shadowplay File Audio/Video desync when trimming large filesize video Not sure if this is an issue with FFMPEG or the program, but shadowplay video files don't seem to be syncing up Audio/Video when trying to Trim the video. Recently within the past week or so, any clips I record using Shadowplay end up with the audio desynced but almost 2 seconds, so glaringly bad.

25.02.2019 · When I record with Shadowplay, occasionally it will drop the first X amount of frames from the video, and the audio will be out of sync. This is NOT happening due to putting the file into an editor; it happens even when simply double clicking the original file to open it in a media player. It seems like this is a common problem as shadowplay is recording in a VBR sometimes the gameplay will be fine at 59.94 Fps and I can add it to a editor without a problem Other times it changes and will cause a audio desync. 03.04.2017 · I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the problem - when I record with ShadowPlay, the audio and video aren't staying in sync. I'm not sure if it's for the whole video but I'm definitely sure it's out of sync with the webcam. 11.04.2015 · Audio Sync Issue in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with Shadowplay Footage My audio is always vastly out of sync when I import it into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Didn't have this problem importing footage from other capture programs like PlayClaw.

19.07.2017 · Because with a variable frame rate you get desync issues with the audio. In my experience, the desync is about 2 seconds on an hour long video. At the beginning everything is fine then slowly, because the video was recording at variable frame rates but the audio was recording at a steady rate, the audio starts getting ahead of the video. By the. I use shadowplay and sony vegas and so far i've never had any issues with desyncing or framerate issues. i never use handbrake or any other program for compression. just raw files from shadowplay into vegas, edit up a bit, then render using a mainconcept/avc/aac 1080p codec.

NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay offers easy gameplay recording, live streaming, and even an FPS counter overlay. It can automatically record gameplay in the background–just on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One–or only record gameplay when you tell it to.

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